We have just finished the paint work on one of the 17 RHD Carrera RS lightweights. 

As with all our restorations it's the small details that really matter and as such with have ensured that the paint work on this M471 Carrera RS has been done exactly as it would have been done at the Porsche factory 40 years ago. 

As with all the lightweights there is no underseal anywhere at all on the car and also the bare minimum amount of paint has been applied to the floor, front boot, interior and engine bay area. So much so that you can still see the primer coming through as you would have in period.

We have also made sure the satin black on the interior areas has been dusted on with the overspray showing and that the door edges and black on the sills has been brushed on. 

The body shell looks amazing in it's Grand Prix white finish and we can't wait to continue the restoration.